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“Naruto shut up.” Ino yelled. “No, what if I don’t want to. Huh? What cha goanna do about it?” naruto said with that fox like smile of his. “This.” Ino yelled as she lunged at naruto. Naruto and ino started to wresaling around after a few seconds they started getting more and more aggressive, knocking off almost every flower and vase on the shelves, before kiba came walking in. “ooohhh mmmyyy goooooddddd. Naruto and ino.” Kiba said about ready to run and tell everyone. “Kiba its not what u think.” Ino said. “Really, it isn’t.” Naruto added. Kiba didn’t hear because he was just thinking of who he was about to run off and tell.” well we really made a mess. Do u want me to help clean it up?” naruto asked looking away trying not to let ino see him blushing. “No, its fine I guess we did make a mess. I guess I better get to cleaning thanks thou.”

*nest day*
None the less everyone thought ino and naruto were together and were having sex.
*ino and sakura*
“oohhh ok so u and naruto never have sex? Right?” sakura asked raising an eyebrow. “Right, he wouldn’t shut up, I tackled him and then kiba walked in and me and naruto were in a weird position.” Ino said frustrated. “Ok I believe u, but… what did u get out of it???” raising her eyebrow a little higher. “WHAT? What’s that suppose to mean?” ino snapped. “OH COME ON INO. THE INO I KNOW WOULD HAVE HIT HIM SENDING HIM FLYING THREW THE DOOR.” SAKURA SNAPED BACK. INO TOOK A SECENT TO CALM DOWN BEFOR REPLYING, “WELL THAT WAS MY FIRST REACTION, BUT I NEW THAT WOULD JUST MAKE HIM WHINE AND YELL.” INO  SAID CAMLEY. “YEAH, I GUESS YOU’R RIGHT. BUT THERES NO WAY U TACKLED HIM JUST TO MAKE HIM SHUT UP.” SAKURA SAID WITH A GRIM ON HER FACE. “YEAH UR RIGHT… SAKURA CAN I TELL U SOMETHING?” INO ASKED BLUSHING. “YEAH YOU KNOW YOU CAN TRUST ME.” SAKURA SAID IN A MORE SIROUS TONE. “I think I’m… i-I’m in love with naruto…”
this is my first fanfic

so pllz tell me if theres some way that i can make it better...ty
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DarionMograine Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011
lol you have some spelling mistakes which are funny: 'nest day' you ment next day right? 'thou' you ment to spell though

Good job tho :) its the kind of thing that happens in naruto just not with these people so i like it :D GJ!
NekoShizune Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2008
evilfatman91 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2008
The all caps at the end is the only flaw I see in it. Otherwise good job.
Silverdrake787 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2008
even with the title, i still didn't see that coming. O.O
davidhenderson25 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2008
u never no it just mithe happen
Silverdrake787 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2008
Yeah, it could. XD
dragonjutsu Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2008
pretty awesome
davidhenderson25 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2008
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